The S.I. Tech., Desert Rose, Sugi Guitar team are actively involved in stringed instrument consulting projects worldwide. From factory troubleshooting of manufacturing processes, quality control inspection, quality control engineering, manufacturing engineering and instrument design, no other team of seasoned professionals can be found in one place to deal with all the situations that may arise in the manufacturing of stringed musical instruments.

We offer professional assistance from our team of craftsmen and engineers, all with over two decades in the business with very successful credentials in their portfolios. Our two primary engineers and craftsmen have three decades each in the business and have worked for such industry leaders as Fender, Ibanez, Yamaha, Epiphone, Charvel Jackson and numerous others.

We are concentrating much of our efforts in the new Asian powerhouse China, which will be the new world center of stringed instrument production in a very short time. With an unlimited high quality labor market, firmly developing economy, and rapidly expanding GDP, the Chinese are welcoming the chance to show the skill and enthusiasm of the Chinese people to contribute to the world economy and reap the benefits denied them for half a century.

Whether your interests are in electric guitars or bluegrass banjos, our engineers can offer priceless assistance to your production needs whether you are looking for design input or manufacturing help and troubleshooting.

We perform our work under a strict veil of non-disclosure in order that we may continue to be effective, and details of inquiries and all work performed are always confidential

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