Desert Rose Banjos are professional quality, hand crafted instruments. We strive to combine old world craftsmanship with the best innovations of the 21st century. All instruments are built of carefully selected materials. Only wood that meets very strict criteria for strength, stability and beauty is chosen for our instruments. We use the best machined parts of traditional materials from the best banjo parts suppliers worldwide. Our goal is to provide you, the musician, the best performance and playability in an instrument that captures the classic beauty of the 1930's, while having an identity of its own worthy of any performing musician.

We are very proud to be one of a very limited elite group of builders able to use the Tony Pass Lost Timbre (tm) wood rim exclusively. This advance in banjo technology, when coupled with a quality tone ring, superb craftsmanship and our own advances such as the Desert Rose Z bridge Elite, will give you a banjo second to none in tone and performance.

Our new expanded lineup consists of three models.

  • The BLUEGRASS '75 (tm) offers the wide range depth of tone associated with mahogany banjos. It exhibits tradition on all accounts. The neck is constructed of carefully seasoned mahogany, with an ebony fretboard for maximum stability as well as to give the banjo just the right amount of presence in its response.

    The mother of pearl inlays are inspired by the original '75 pattern dating back almost eighty years. The single white binding on the fingerboard and mahogany resonator as well as the purfling appointments on the resonator back are true to the great '75's of the early part of the last century.

    As with all Desert Rose banjos the Bluegrass '75 comes standard with the amazing Tony Pass Tony Pass Thin Skirt (Pat. Appld. for) wood rim mounted with our chosen vintage formula tone ring and prewar specifcation one piece flange.

    The tone of the Bluegrass '75 is rich, strong and very well balanced.

  • The SALT CREEK (tm) comes standard as a flame maple banjo, using select examples of flamed Eastern hard maple on the neck and resonator. The fingerboard is ebony to add stability and focus to the tonal response.

    The fretboard and ebony head overlay are inlayed with a traditional but more elaborate version of the Flying Eagle pattern.The beautiful two tone sunburst finish on the neck and resonator is accented by vintage stacked white/black/white binding.

    The Salt Creek comes standard with the Tony Pass Thin Skirt wood rim (Pat. Appld. for) and our chosen vintage formula tone ring and prewar specification one piece flange.

    The tone of the Salt Creek is bold, focused and balanced.

    The Salt Creek is available in optional Burl Mahogany and Burl Claro Walnut on special order.

    Here are some pictures of the Salt Creek banjo, showing the extreme quality available in these banjo.

    A Salt Creek Custom model is also available in burl walnut with a lovely and unique Hearts and Roses inlay pattern.

  • The newest banjo in the Desert Rose lineup, the WILDROSE (tm) departs from the image of the classic banjos of the 1930's and strikes out with its own classic lines that set it apart, while still keeping a classic look and outstanding bluegrass sound.

    The Wildrose is available in either Burl Claro Walnut, Flamed Maple or Burl Mahogany on special order.

    The ebony fingerboard, and resonator are bound in classic ivoriod binding stacked with accents of white and black.

    The mother of pearl inays are new. The design was commissioned to inlay and engraving Master Ron Chacey and is exclusive to Desert Rose. This new design draws on the elegance and richness of Victorian era designs and blends well with the rich woods used in the construction of the banjos.

    The Wildrose is available in two models, the standard as well as the Wildrose Deluxe with select abalone purfling inlaid on the fingerboard and resonator edges.

    The Wildrose model comes standard with the Tony Pass Thin Skirt (tm) wood rim and our chosen vintage formula tone ring and prewar design one piece flange.

  • Options available on all Desert Rose Banjos include.

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